Leveraging change to achieve better results


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Change is inevitable, it is sometimes in our control and is deliberate and predicted and sometimes it is out of our control. Sometimes there are slight changes and sometimes we face changes of magnitude like we all faced over the last 18 months. But as leaders how we deal with change will be reflected in how our employees will deal with it. Our approaches, reactions and attitudes and either lead people to change or have them resisting it. In this episode we talk about some of the levers we can use to best implement change while getting everyone on board the train. Our guest on this show is an expert in the area of change.

Speaker Information:

Jake Jacobs has worked in 61 industries for more than 35 years, from high tech to manufacturing to hospitality to entertainment to financial services. He’s consulted to 96 organizations, from Fortune 50 to national non-profits and community theaters. He’s supported more than 210,000 people directly on important changes they are making to their business. Everything from strategy implementation to culture change to mergers and acquisitions and leadership development. He’s partnered with CEOs, front-line workers and changemakers in middle management in organizations like Ford, Kraft and Marriott. He’s also helped create change in the City of New York, U.K.’s National Health Service and the United States Army and Navy. He authored Leverage Change: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results, Real Time Strategic Change -How to involve an entire organization in fast and far-reaching change and co-authored Collaborating for Change-Real time strategic change.