Leading Innovation: Unraveling Misconceptions


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In this podcast, we dive deep into the fascinating world of innovation and unravel why it’s true meaning is often misunderstood. We explore the misconceptions surrounding innovation and how it goes beyond just the creation of new technologies or products. We’ll delve into the qualities and characteristics that make a genuinely innovative leader who can navigate the complexities of change, foster a culture of creativity, and embrace diverse perspectives. Together, we’ll uncover the power of inclusive leadership in driving innovation and creating meaningful impact for businesses and society as a whole.

Speaker Information:

Wendy Mahoney is an innovation behavioral specialist and managing director at Newmella & Associates. She is also the author of Leading For A New Age. Newmella & Associates are thought leaders and industry experts who are passionate about change management and inclusive innovation, which serves all stakeholders. They work with leaders to assess and embed values that support their desired change and sustainably accelerate innovation. Wendy Mahoney chairs the SA UK Chamber of Commerce and the 30% Club for KZN (KwaZulu-Natal), serves on the KZN NBI (National Business Initiative) council, and is a NED for Dare Restoring Worth (a Youth Mentorship and Coaching Academy, est. 2013), all of which drive Economic Inclusion. Additionally, she is an Executive Consultant to the Institute of Inventors and Innovators, serves on the Advisory Council for Tedx and Vega Durban, and is a Director at GLSI, a global sustainability accreditation agency. Wendy is currently working on her PHD in Leadership and Culture. She is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an internationally accredited Trainer of NLP. Wendy is a seasoned conference speaker and has presented on TEDx. Her corporate positions include Executive Director of European Times, Director of Sales and Marketing at CNBC and Forbes Africa, General Manager of Sales at Trudon South Africa, and Director of TDS Namibia.