Leadership: The Warriors Art – what we can learn from history


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Leadership books are abundant online, in bookstores, and in libraries, numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. As leaders, we may seek out a few to broaden our perspectives, but there is another way to improve our leadership skills—looking to history. The best leaders learn from others by studying the successes and failures of past and present leaders and reflecting on what they can learn from them. By combining personal experience with this knowledge, one can develop exceptional leadership qualities. In this episode, we will examine great military and political leaders throughout history, focusing on understanding what we can learn from them and how we can apply their lessons to our leadership skills today.

Speaker Information:

Chris Kolenda is the founder of Strategic Leaders Academy and the author of Leadership: The Warrior’s Art (Stackpole Books; Second Edition, September 20, 2021). Leadership: The Warrior´s Art has been a trusted anthology in print for over 20 years and helped tens of thousands of leaders succeed in combat and business. His unique warrior-diplomacy has been featured in New York Times bestselling books and media outlets, for example, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Chris Kolenda works with leaders who want to apply insights from history and military operations to transform their businesses. A West Point graduate recognized combat leader and retired Army colonel; he defied conventional wisdom in Afghanistan by motivating a large insurgent group to switch sides, the only example of such success in the 20-year history of the war. He holds a Ph.D. in war studies from King’s College, London, and is the author of another book Zero-Sum Victory: What We’re Getting Wrong About War (University Press of Kentucky; October 26, 2021).