Keeping up with the evolving world of digital marketing


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Digital marketing has transformed the business world and brought marketing to a new level. Driven website traffic, brand awareness, and getting high-quality leads are what businesses are looking for from digital marketing, and digital marketing does deliver. But it also is an evolving marketing medium with new channels and new technologies appearing faster than we can keep up. So how do we keep up? But some experts can help us navigate this ever-changing digital landscape. In this episode, we discuss the changing landscape and how businesses can distinguish which digital channels are best for them.

Speaker Information:

Peter Urmson is CEO and a Director of Spotzer. He leads a passionate team of people around the globe who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of Small to Medium Business’s. His company delivers digital marketing solutions and services to partners whom work directly with small businesses around the world. Peter has vast executive experience across 15 years in the digital marketing space working with both large and small companies that have technology platforms with a sales and marketing focus. He has worked with top enterprises in Australia, Europe, the USA and beyond. The changing digital environment is what drives this CEO who is expanding his company globally at a rapid pace. He believes in building trust among his global team and believes high performance and great customer care is a key to success