How to manage cross cultural business relationships effectively


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Cultural forces are always at play in today’s Global Economy. Although effective management of cultural differences is not necessarily a guarantee of business success, understanding and deepening one’s knowledge of the other culture is vital to the success of any venture. Culture influences communication, decision-making, negotiation, resolution of conflicts, the management of cross-national alliances and diverse teams. Without understanding the impact culture plays in any business transaction. Without knowledge of the other culture you are dealing with, it may be difficult to pinpoint what specific aspect of culture might be impacting your relationship. In this episode, we speak with an expert in doing business across different cultures. Dr Rajesh Kumar, helps people and companies understand how understanding cultural differences can promote business success.

Speaker Information:

Dr. Rajesh Kumar is a consultant and a retired business academic specializing in global business. He has an undergraduate and a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi, MBA from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. in International Business from the Stern School of Business at NYU. Originally from India, Dr. Kumar has lived and worked in the United States, France, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. He has taught at prestigious Universities including Penn State, Ohio State, Babson College, University of Nottingham-U.K., and the University of Aarhu0 Denmark, among others. Dr. Kumar specializes in the art of doing business across cultural boundaries. As companies go global, they must deal with suppliers, customers, and even employees coming from different cultural backgrounds. He is the owner of Global Strategic Advisory which offers training programs to companies seeking to enhance their global presence.