How to improve your Cultural Agility


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We live in a global economy and a multi-cultural world and being culturally adaptable is becoming ever more critical. It does not matter if you call it cultural intelligence, adaptiveness, or sensitivity; you must have some attributes that make you culturally agile to be a successful professional. Being culturally agile can help professionals from different backgrounds interact more effectively and ultimately increase overall individual and company performance. But this is easier said than done. Many individuals and companies do not understand the attributes that make someone culturally agile. They are unsure what competencies and skills people need. This episode examines not only the importance of cultural agility but also the attributes that contribute to it.

Speaker Information:

Dr. Paula Caligiuri is a D’Amore-McKim School of Business Distinguished Professor of International Business at Northeastern University, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been named as one of the most prolific authors in international business for her work in cross-cultural management, global leadership development, and cultural agility. She is president of TASCA Global, a consulting firm that specializes in assessing and developing culturally agile professionals and boasts a client list that includes the U.S. Army, Peace Corps, Cigna, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson. She is a frequent expert guest on CNN and CNN International and author of the LinkedIn Learning course “Managing Globally.” Her new book is Build Your Cultural Agility: The Nine Competencies of Successful Global Professionals (Kogan Page; March 30, 2021). Learn more at and