How to boost employee engagement with the right conversations


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Today we are facing the “Big Resignation”. All over the world, companies are struggling to find personnel, and no one can answer why this is happening. Possible reasons are wage stagnation amid the rising cost of living, long-lasting job dissatisfaction, safety concerns around COVID-19, and the desire to work for companies with better remote-working policies and new work-life balance values stemming from the pandemic. Some economists have described the Great Resignation akin as a general strike of the people, but we still cannot pinpoint what is happening. Our guest in this episode believes we may not be having the right conversations with our employees today. If we had better conversations, we could increase engagement and maybe find the key to the “Big Resignation”. We talk about the new best-seller “The Revelation Conversation: Inspire Greater Employee Engagement by Connecting to Purpose” and how it can help bring leaders and organizations back on track.

Speaker Information:

Steve Curtin, the author of the bestselling book “The Revelation Conversation: Inspire Greater Employee Engagement by Connecting to Purpose” and “Delight Your Customers, 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary”, now in its 6th printing. Steve Curtin is a globally known expert and speaker on customer service management and leadership. He was rated fourth by Global Guru in its annual listing of the top 30 customer service experts in the world. Before launching his consulting company in 2007, Curtin had a 20-year career with Marriott International. Today, his client list includes Carnival Cruise Line, NAPA Auto Parts, TJ Maxx, and HealthONE. Steve is an accredited 10-year member of the National Speakers Association. He lives in Denver with his wife, four children, and a Goldendoodle named Nugget.