How to become more financially secure


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Financial security, what is it? For many, it is having the peace of mind to ensure that you can live and not live hand to mouth. For some, it means being prepared for whatever life sends your way is an essential part of being financially responsible. For others, it is having a steady income. One thing is for sure in 2020 and 2021, many people had financial difficulties as the economy went into a stand-still, businesses closed, people lost jobs, and many were struggling. But some people were prepared, so how do you prepare yourself for unseen roadblocks and the future? In this episode, we speak with an expert on how almost anyone can become financially secure.

Speaker Information:

Shirley Luu is an Award-winning financial advisor, hands-on trainer, author, national speaker on financial literacy, and renown wealth guru. Her 25 years of expertise in the financial services field sets her apart as one of the industry’s most notable connoisseurs. With the new branding “Shirley Luu & Associates, LLC.”, Shirley and her team of licensed professionals continue to master the nuances of configuring the best financial and insurance products to serve her clients’ specific financial security needs. Her personal journey, as a widowed mother of three, has allowed her to recognize the unique challenges that exist for women, front and center. She actively empowers women across the globe to “know their money” and was recently voted to the Forbes List of 50 over 50 in the financial sector. Her latest book “IUL ASAP: How to Win the Financial Game of Life, Invest Like the Wealthy, and Generate Tax-Free Income with One 3-Letter Word” is available on Amazon.