How search engines are reacting to new consumer search behaviours


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Consumer Behaviors have drastically changed in the last 24 months. We can observe the changes in foot traffic ( in-person behaviour ) when we are at the grocery store, airport, or simply walking in any city centre. Still, we do not always see the changes in consumer behaviours online. We all know how our own search behaviours have changed, but unless you own a business with an e-commerce shop, you may not know how your customers search for your products or services. You may also not be unaware of what search engines are most interested in today. But if you own a business, understanding what consumers are doing and how search engines react is essential if you want your business to be found. In this episode, we speak with an expert from one of the worlds leading technology companies, and he helps us understand the mysteries behind getting found on the web.

Speaker Information:

Duane Forrester, the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext, leading industry outreach, evangelism, and authorship for the company. Yext is a New York City based, international technology company operating in online brand management. It offers brand updates using its cloud-based network of apps, search engines and other facilities. Yext is on a mission to transform the enterprise with AI search. Duane Forrester has over 25 years’ experience in the search and social fields. He is also the author of How to Make Money with Your Blog and Turn Clicks into Customers, through McGraw-Hill. Along the way, Duane has worked in marketing & PR with Caesar’s Palace, run his own websites, communities, and consultancy, worked for small and enterprise publishers online. Past work included almost 9 years with Microsoft and Bing where he helped run their Webmaster Tools program, as well as the SEO program at MSN. In between the bookends of Yext and Bing, Duane ran operations for Bruce Clay, Inc., one of the oldest names in digital marketing. For several years, Duane’s focus included writing for, moderating in the original and being a Board member with SEMPO, where he founded the InHouse Committee and SEMPO’s annual Industry Salary Survey.