How an organization’s digital footprint can help implement change


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We live in a world where change and transformation are the new normal, but sometimes we make decisions and go about change as we have always done. Today have more data and information available than we have ever had in the past, but we do not always use it when making decisions or initiating change. When it comes to transformation, many companies and organizations tend to look outward rather than inward when inward is where they should be looking. An organization’s digital footprint can tell us a lot about processes, employee engagement and focus. The guest in this episode is an expert on transformation and change. He helps companies look for the answers by looking into their organizations rather than outward.

Speaker Information:

Jay Goldman, is the Co-Founder and the CEO of Sensei Labs and New York Times best-selling author of “The Decoded Company”. Sensei Labs creates data-driven digital workplace solutions to solve the challenges that the world’s largest companies face every day. Our technologies enable the project management, collaboration, data tracking and reporting, and knowledge management that modern organizations need to be successful. For nearly 20 years, he has been focused on technology, design, and the art of leadership. Sensei Labs is Jay’s second tech start-up success. He has also taken on leadership roles as the Head of Marketing at Rypple and Managing Director at Klick Health. Jay regularly speaks with teams and companies across the globe about the Future of Work, including at TEDx, NASA, Harvard Business School, Google, and Twitter’s World Headquarters. He’s also written for publications like the Harvard Business Review and been a panelist on CBC’s The National. Now, he spends his days helping the largest enterprises in the world execute their most critical programs through Enterprise Orchestration, alongside his amazing crew of more than 80 Senseis.