Hiring, Retaining and Engaging Employees in the Virtual World


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For the last two decades, there has been a shift in how we hire and retain employees. This shift primarily began with the entrance of the millenniums into the workforce and then there was another shift as Gen Z made their appearance. At the same time, technology in the workplace has allowed organizations to reimagine the way they work and manage talent. One of the most impactful changes has been how technology allows companies to screen and hire employees no matter where they are located. It also allows employees to collaborate from different locations and time zones. And although this all started a few years ago, we were pushed into fast-forward when COVID hit the world. Companies had to hire and manage virtually. They had to use the technology available, and processes had to be adjusted. In this episode we explore the best practices for hiring, retaining and engaging employees in during the pandemic and not only in middle size companies but also in SMBs.

Speaker Information:

Sandy Lohr, CEO, MatchCraft Sandy Lohr is the CEO of Matchcraft. MatchCraft provides a best-in-class marketing platform that enables companies to successfully sell and manage search, display, and social campaigns for their advertisers. Sandy has extensive business experience and is passionate to be leading the talented team at MatchCraft, who was recognized as Bing’s Growth Partner in both 2017 & 2018. MatchCraft is one of the world’s leading digital advertising platform for the largest number of Google Premium Partners reselling search, social, shopping, remarketing, and display. The AdVantage platform manages advertising campaigns allowing reseller partners to sell at scale with increased profits and performance. Sandy enjoys riding her bike in the Southern California sunshine, and she is always looking for any opportunity to visit her new grandson in Florida.