Google`s New Ranking Values – Is your website still visible?


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On December 31, 1999, the world was in a panic related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for 2000. Even though we had years to prepare for this, we still waited until the last minute, and 21 years later, there is another panic. Businesses are wondering what happened when Google changed to mobile-first indexing on March 31, 2021. They are also wondering what will happen when the core values for website ranking change in May and yesterday was the deadline. Businesses’ need to prepare themselves, but they have had other priorities over the last 12 month, adapting their business models because of the pandemic. But some good has come out of the pandemic. Businesses have been propelled forward into the digital and mobile world. Google quickly jumped on these changes with a whole new suite of core values for website ranking. This episode looks at them and explains what you need to do to make your website visible.

Speaker Information:

Christopher Carfi is the Vice President, Content & Product Marketing at Duda, a leading web design platform for companies that offer web design services to small businesses. Duda serves all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies, all the way up to the largest hosting companies and online publishers in the world. A veteran of both startups and the enterprise, Chris has a deep track record in developing marketing, customer community and evangelist programs for brands such as Adobe, H&R Block and Aruba Networks. Just prior to joining Duda, was at GoDaddy for six years, where he headed up global content and community. Chris has an M.S./MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a B.S. in, Computer Science from Northwestern University