Getting men engaged in gender diversity and healthy masculinity


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Women are underrepresented in most global companies, particularly among senior leadership teams—and companies are missing out on opportunities as a result. The pandemic also hit women employees more than men, with women having to return to the roles of educators and traditional family roles as work moved from the office to the home. The pandemic also put a new level of focus on how a sudden change disproportionately impacts certain underrepresented groups. Now companies are trying to fix this problem but very often try to fix it incorrectly. The center of their efforts usually lay solely on women, but this is not enough to bring about material change. Such a narrow focus labels gender diversity as a women-only issue instead of positioning it as a broader topic that significantly affects overall company performance. It very often excludes the focus on men. Our guest today helps companies and men focus on how they can get engaged in supporting gender diversity and help men define healthy masculinity.

Speaker Information:

Ray Arata is an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader and speaker, consultant, and trainer, with global clients from PwC to Verizon to Toyota to Bloomberg. He founded the Better Man Conference for the development of healthy masculinity and men as allies and partners. He was recognized by UN Women in 2016 as a HeForShe Champion for Change and received the Ron Herring 2020 award. He is the author of the book- “Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace”, which is available on amazon.