Five Years GDPR – ePrivacy Regulations where do we go from here?


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It is the fifth anniversary of GDPR, which went into effect and 2018. Since its passage, there have been significant efforts at compliance, At the same time, unfortunately, consumers still felt nudged or bullied by big tech companies into agreeing to business under the old rules, posing the question is the spirit behind the legislation on a level playing field. Then came the pandemic, and in March 2020, the world changed. Virtually every business was forced online and reached out to their consumers digitally. However, GDPR was not at the forefront of most business activities as companies focused on customer retention and not necessarily if they were compliant. Technology has also changed- it went into warp speed in 2020, forcing legislators to keep up with new technology channels. This episode talks about what has happened and what will happen in the upcoming years as countries try to formulate new ePrivacy Regulations.

Speaker Information:

Our guest in this episode is Tilman Harmeling —- an Entrepreneur in Residence at USercentrics. Usercentrics is a global market leader in the field of consent management platforms (CMP) enabling businesses to collect, manage and document user consent on websites and apps in order to achieve full compliance with global privacy regulations while facilitating high consent rates and building trust with their customers. They work with companies such as Diamler, ING, Santander and many more companies in 100 countries helping them achieve privacy compliance. Tilman Harmeling, having focused on the business and technical complexities of privacy throughout his career, has gained a variety of experience about how privacy markets work joining Usercentrics in 2018 to work with global companies and universities helping them understand the privacy landscape.