Finding the right tools to support sales and the customer journey


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Sales and the customer journey. Are we giving salespeople the right tools to help them succeed? Years ago, sales were about pushing the customer in a direction and convincing them to buy. Today it is about discovering the customers’ needs and proving to them their return on investment. Today we also have the tools to help sales persons guide them through the process and show the customers facts, not fiction. This episode explores the customer journey, beginning with customer contact and sales. Then, we explore what automation is available to sales today and how salespeople can best use it. Our guest is a regular contributor to our show and an expert in sales and the customer journey.

Speaker Information:

George Leith is the Chief Customer Officer of Vendasta, an award-winning company that helps agencies, media companies, telcos, software vendors and other companies sell and deliver cloud software and solutions to small and medium businesses. With a track record of success in media promotion and marketing that spans three decades, George is driven to show the world that businesses can transform their sales and marketing in the digital era. He knows that selling digital solutions to local businesses isn’t easy, but he educates SMBs on the value of digital is an uphill battle, and scaling can seem like a complex math equation. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people across the globe in conferences and seminars, helping businesses overcome these difficulties. His dedication to educating others about digital marketing and sales solutions led him to launch the Conquer Local Podcast where he shares his wealth of sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise.