Driving Business through Content Marketing-The Do’s and Don’ts


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Who is the most exciting person in the room when you’re at a networking event or a social outing? Simple, it’s whoever has the most unique and insightful stories to tell. It’s all about content, and content marketing is built on the same principle. By seeking to answer the unanswered questions or provide unique insights into complex problems, great content captivates an audience and sparks meaningful conversations. Content marketing can do the same thing; it can spark engagement between your brand or business and your customers or prospects. In this episode, we learn how to effectively use content marketing through thought leadership articles, blogging, market research and more. We speak with a company that is a leader in using content marketing and a CMO that knows the ropes. We talk to us about how to use content marketing effectively with some great examples of thought leadership and market research in the digital marketing and local search arena.

Speaker Information:

Jeff Tomlin is Chief Marketing Officer of Vendasta which is located in Saskatoon, Canada. He is also co-founder of the company which was established in 2008. Jeff provides strategy and direction to the teams driving awareness and demand for Vendasta’s platform. Prior to co-founding Vendasta, Jeff was the VP of strategy and business development at Point2, where he helped grow a real estate platform from the ground to power more than 165,000 agents in 85 countries. He first developed a love for marketing and technology in 1996 when online digital marketing was in its infancy. He earned a BA in economics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1993 and an advanced certificate in economics in 1994. Vendasta is the end-to-end ecommerce platform built for local experts. The SaaS company provides a powerful platform and marketplace of trusted digital products and services to its channel partners who resell the solutions to small or medium businesses worldwide.