Diversity and Inclusivity in Marketing


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As usual, brands must consider their target audience when developing their messages, and this expectation is intensifying as consumers place greater emphasis on brands’ actions. People relate to positive messages around social issues such as the environment, coronavirus safety, and systemic racism; therefore, how a business or brand positions itself can impact consumer loyalty. It essential for businesses and brands to recognize diverse cultures and different values. We all have unconscious biases and draw from our own experiences as our default, and this makes it hard for marketers to spot when a marketing campaign is not as inclusive as it could be. Therefore, we must monitor diversity and inclusion in marketing, and there are different ways to do this. In this episode, we explore how we can do this and ensure we reach every possible consumer group and leave no-one out.

Speaker Information:

Tim Keen is a LA-based marketer (originally from Melbourne, Australia), who is concerned about diversity and inclusivity He learned the marketing ropes by drop shipping sex toys and bootleg Harry Potter merch and leveraged that experience to get his first-ever full-time job at 28, running Google Ads at MuteSix a digital agency. After scaling 3 clients by 10X in 6 months, he went back into the music industry with a stint at Roland, working on digital transformation on the Global Marketing Team. Then he accidentally co-founded a digital marketing agency, and the rest is history. The agency has grown 10X in the last 2 quarters and is poised to replicate that success in 2021. 60% of clients have received funding or been acquired in the last year, and 90% have increased revenue by at least 100%. He works with high-growth eCommerce brands whose values we can get behind and are deeply committed to diversity & inclusion within our own organization.