Developing a Talent-Centric Organization


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Talent management is about how employers recruit and develop a workforce that is as productive as possible and likely to stay with their organization long term. When implemented correctly, this process can help improve the business’s overall performance and ensure that it remains competitive. However, when not implemented correctly, it can result in high turnover and lack of innovation, and a company can lose its competitive edge. But developing a talent-centric organization is not easy. The principals and components are complex and need constant alignment. Our guest in this episode is an expert in recognizing good talent management programs and helping companies develop talent-centric organizations.

Speaker Information:

Carol Schultz founder and CEO of Vertical Elevation. She’s the host of the popular podcast “Authentically Successful” and author of the new book “Powered By People: How Talent-Centric Organizations Master Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue (and How to Build One)”, available on Amazon. Vertical Elevation is a talent equity and leadership and coaching advisory firm specializing in strategic business planning, leadership development, and career coaching. For nearly 30 years, they have helped businesses avoid making repeat mistakes by developing confident, competent leadership teams that allow your company to run like a well-oiled machine. Carol is a leadership advisory expert. Recognized for her proficiency in corporate leadership, Carol has spent three decades helping executives gain clarity in their careers, make bold leadership moves, and create cultures of performance. Schultz and her team have helped hundreds of companies—from seed stage pre-initial public offerings to publicly traded companies—transform their organizations and create sustainable, talent-centric cultures that run at maximum efficiency.