Data literacy can save your company and your career


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According to Harvard Business Review, “90% of business leaders cite data literacy as a key to company success, but only 25% of workers feel confident in their data skills”. And then Harvard also notes some other statistics that suggest that nearly nine in 10 data science professionals are white, and only 18% are women. Research from General Assembly indicates “that data science lags behind even other tech-oriented disciplines”. Which brings us to the question if leaders see data literacy as a critical building block to a company’s success, why are they not focusing on it more? Moreover, why is the field not drawing a more diverse workforce of experts? Achieving data literacy is critical for a company to become more data fluent. It can be crucial to their success because it helps companies and employees make data-driven decisions regarding customer needs, products, and services. But how do we develop a diverse, data literate workforce? Today, our guest has given a lot of thought to how companies and individuals can become more data literate.

Speaker Information:

Matt Cowell serves as CEO at QuantHub, a leading data upskilling and assessment platform that helps companies create a data literate workforce across the entire enterprise. Matt uses his wealth of experience as a product and tech executive to forge the company strategy to address one of the most significant corporate challenges of the 2020’s, the data skill gap. Prior to QuantHub, Matt spent 15 years running product and tech at PE-backed companies, including building a product and engineering organization at Daxko – delivering 10x revenue growth, 7 acquisitions, and 3 enormously successful recapitalizations. While at Daxko, Matt led the team to deliver the first machine learning/AI solution to the gym/fitness market. Matt is passionate about facilitating the data fluency of individuals and organizations all over the world and loves focusing on the people side of the equation.