Cyber Security in the New Norm – Insights from an Ethical Hacker


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Earlier this year there was the announcement of a massive computer breach that allowed hackers to exploit numerous US government agencies left the US government and the world in shock. The hackers attached malware to a software update which gave them access to government networks and private company systems, putting infrastructures, data, operations and priority information at risk. But this is not the only attack we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Chris Versace estimates that in the first 100 days of the pandemic Covid-themed spam messages increased by 26%, and impersonation attacks jumped by 40%. This is worrying news as the world transitions into a virtual workforce, AI advances and healthcare systems and data are a priority. In this episode, we explore how and why we have become so vulnerable and how we can better protect ourselves.

Speaker Information:

As the founder and CEO of Parameter Security, Dave B. Chronister is an experienced and proven forensic investigator and information systems security professional and certified ethical hacker. His expertise encompasses building and maintaining corporate security programs in some of the most heavily regulated industries. He was the architect for the A.G. Edwards electronic messaging system –the largest exchange server deployment at the time. Dave was a technical advisor with medical and dental practices helping them meet complex HIPAA compliance. He served as CTO for a $600 million bank holding company for over 5 years prior to starting Parameter Security in 2007. The nation’s top media outlets from CNN to CNBC and Bloomberg turn to Dave for his expertise in IT security issues and solutions. His insights have been featured in publications such as FOX Business News, CNBC, CBS, Computerworld and Entrepreneur Magazine. He is regarded as a top expert in his field.