Conversational Commerce-The new personal purchasing process


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If you’ve ever had a personal assistant, then you understand what this does to your purchasing process—all the pre-purchase research, placing an order, and even making the payment is done with support. Well, conversational commerce is heading in that direction. It’s a kind of “virtual assistant” that can help guide you through the purchasing process. It can give you information on products, and brands, compare prices, etc. But is it there yet with its functionality, or is it just a next general messaging app today? Also, who is using it? We know large enterprises and brands are, but is it user-friendly enough for SMBs? In this episode we explore the emerging trends in conversation commerce.

Speaker Information:

Thibault Levi-Martin is the founder and Co-CEO at Partoo. Founded in 2014, Partoo is a more than 400-people tech company whose mission is to bring businesses closer to their clients. This is achieved through our all-in-one solution that improves online visibility and e-reputation for all businesses, ultimately increasing traffic to your points of sale. Thibault has one mission, to help businesses get closer to their clients. This is achieved by helping businesses get found, get chosen, and ultimately get more clients. His personal vision is aligned with the one Partoo has: “Make things right”. Thibault holds all matters related to the environment and our world with utmost importance. At Partoo, he heads all the green initiatives among the 400 employees. Outside of Partoo, he has also founded and invested in other environmentally forward companies such as Ideel Garden, a digital, local & zero waste canteen available 24/7 for all meals & snacks. And BALT is a sustainable sneaker brand committed to making things happen from within by favoring more responsible materials and production methods. Thibault holds a master’s degree from ESSEC Business School Paris. You can find him playing football on Thursdays during his lunch breaks or climbing whenever he has some free time.