Building the right roadmap for evolving organizations


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Any organizational infrastructure must anticipate a rapidly changing world where technologies, politics, company, and employee needs will differ from today. We learned this three years ago as we got tossed into a virtual world that we thought was years away. Many companies did not have the technology or infrastructure to support the millions of home offices that happened virtually overnight. Unfortunately, they did not have the processes for a sudden change. But in the end, we all adapted, and we learned. We learned that we must prepare for change, and the optimal infrastructure is the one that reflects future needs. This episode discusses how companies can prepare roadmaps for evolving organizaotion infrastructures using technology, leveraging productivity, and streamlining the process.

Speaker Information:

Louwki Coetsee, the Group Vice President: Sales & Client Value for Netsurit. Netsurit helps organizations take advantage of the latest technology to enhance their business by providing a roadmap to evolve their IT infrastructure. Louwki’s entire career has been devoted to serving companies’ technical needs. After earning his Master Network Engineer qualification, he became a technical trainer for Torque-IT, and shortly after this, he was promoted to technical manager. Louwki then joined Tronic Trade Technology Holdings and served as Technical Manager. He then spent over a decade at Netsurit, starting as a Senior Technical Consultant. He worked his way up to Head of Support at Netsurit and was part of the executive committee. Following a 3-year stint at Dimension Data as a Service Improvement & Enablement Manager and part of the GSC Management team, he re-joined the Netsurit team in 2017 to help grow the US business. Louwki enjoys playing Ice-hockey and spending summer weekends on the boat. He also loves spending time with his wife, Yolandie, and son, Logan.