Body Language in the New Normal – How to leave a lasting impression


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Body language and non-verbal gestures are the first things we notice when we meet someone in person, but what about in the virtual world? Is it the same? According to the European Commission, in 2019, only 5.4% of employees in the EU worked from home. However, in March 2020, this number had drastically increased, with most non-essential workers forced to work from home as the EU was in lockdown. This meant a new world of virtual meetings and conducting business remotely. However, aside from the technology issues, many people did not know how to conduct themselves in the virtual business world. And today, we are returning to in-person meetings after 18 months of being behind the camera, so how are we adapting? As we transition to this “blended” business world, we need to be aware of out body language and we give off? In this episode, we speak with one of Europe’s premier body language experts about how you can leave a lasting impression in virtual meetings and in the new normal.

Speaker Information:

Stefan Verra is one of the most in-demand Body Language Experts in Europe working with universities, business persons and scientific institutes to help us better understand what our body language is revealing about who we are and what we are thinking. He actively involves participants and gets them “up and running” – literally, as they try out and discover what he is talking about and reach their own conclusions about the powerful impact of body language. He has been on numerous television shows, radio shows and has 3,2 mio. video clicks, 150.000 followers on social media channels and up to 650.000 views per social media post. He is a keynote speaker, guest lecturer at several universities and a best-selling author. His books are Hey, dein Körper spricht! Hey, dein Körper flirtet! Die Macht der Körpersprache im Verkauf Die Körpersprache der Mächtigen