A good employee experience & endpoint security- Is it possible?


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Can you combine a good employee experience with endpoint security? In 2020 most of us were forced into a virtual working environment. Unfortunately, companies and employees were not really aligned on how this would work because it happened so quickly. Cyber-attacks increased 500% as employees used personal devices, security policies did not cover remote work, and leadership did not know how to manage the transition of old employees, never mind the new employees they had never met in person. It is now two years later, and although we have become accustomed to virtual work models, the question is, are we good at it? What is the employee experience, and how is endpoint security? In this episode, our guest is an expert in helping remote and mobile workforces navigate the balance between staying motivated, feeling connected to the company, and ensuring that the technology they are using is secure.

Speaker Information:

Denis O’Shea is the founder of Mobile Mentor, a global leader in the endpoint ecosystem, helping clients to navigate the right balance between security and employee experience. The company was named Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the year for Modern Endpoint Management primarily for their work helping Alive Hospice safely treat patients during COVID 19. In addition to being a top Microsoft partner, they are also certified by Apple and Google.