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Google Wants Your Website to Focus on User Experience in 2021

With an increasing focus on website signals connected to user experience, Google has announced they

Why a Local Search Strategy Is Key for Increasing Search & Engagement in 2021

Enriching local customer experiences is increasingly becoming more and more important for businesses that are

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London Conference 2016

In partnership with Streetfight US, this event was the first of a series of Localcomm

From the war to the win zone – Key account strategy @FCRMedia

When focusing on key accounts the key account division, regardless if it is stand alone

What the SMEs Online Presence looks like across Europe, before and after the Pandemic hit

In 2018, Siinda, in cooperation with Silktide, began conducting yearly comprehensive European-wide studies to get

Service as a Business Model, why this is a growth opportunity

SMBs want service but SaaS providers very often don’t offer service and this is an

The Next Big Thing in Search for SMBs

Local businesses need a modern search experience if they want to compete with other local

Valencia, Spain

Siinda Localreach Valencia Conference 2017

Sessions focused on new technology and market developments such as SMBs, the Cloud & What

Prague, Czech Republic

Siinda Prague Conference

One of the first of Siinda’s top level conferences which main theme was On-demand meets

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London 2019

The conference featured Top Speakers from Go Daddy, Google, Microsoft, Solocal, Italian Online, Eniro, Special