Ole Schröder

Ole Schröder

Member of the Executive Board of SCHUFA Holding AG 

Ole Schröder has been a member of the Executive Board of SCHUFA Holding AG, the leading German credit bureau, since January 2020. At SCHUFA he is managing i.a. the public and regulatory affairs departments, as well as the legal department. Furthermore, he is responsible for data protection, compliance and HR.

Ole Schröder is a graduated lawyer with a comprehensive international network in politics. From 2002 to 2017 he was a member of the German Bundestag, working from 2009 to 2017 as parliamentary state secretary for the federal Minister of the Interior. Within his role Ole has focused on information technology, digitization and data protection topics. Lately, he has been a consultant at KPMG and a visiting lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. Is there something that you try to do every day, a kind of routine?

I’m a father of three children so yes, I try to spend some time with them every day. For example, I tried to read something for my smallest child. She is three years old and this is maybe one of the few advantages of the pandemic time, to have more time for the family.

Q. What have you missed the most during the pandemic?

Of course, face-to-face meetings, I think virtual meetings cannot replace personal contact. This is something I’m really missing. Also, there, simply to visit a restaurant or to talk to people. I think we’re all missing these occasions where you just meet each other.

Q. Did you start new hobbies during the lockdown period?

You know, as I mentioned, I have three children. The youngster was quite busy, he had a twofer, and therefore, I did not start a new hobby. I was able to go running,  more often than before, but that’s it, very good. And I think this is really that as you mentioned, this whole schooling issue is also quite strenuous for the whole family and very challenging. 

Q. Did you take some time to read more books? Do you have a favorite author? 

I always read when we are on holiday. It’s not the time for a holiday, but actually my favorite author is Jonathan Franzen. And my favorite book is the book  Corrections. The type of Corrections. I mean, this book really shows that there are always several sides to one person. Yeah, I love the literature from Jonathan Franzen

Q. If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be?

Oh, maybe “Change” or “Freedom and security”. Yes, I will choose between these two titles: change or freedom and security.

Q. What was your first non-desk job?

When I was a 10 year old boy, I managed the local election campaign for my father. He was a politician on the municipality level. And that was great. Fun for me to have to do canvassing, and all these things. Yes, And that was my first insight into politics. .And that was maybe also one reason why I, yeah, why I became a politician. And that’s also the reason why my autobiography would have the title change, because now I’m, I stopped. And changed from, from politics to Schufa.

Q. Is there is any other profession you would have loved to do?

Yes, I mean, I live now in Wiesbaden, and this is a great wine area and maybe being a winemaker would be a great profession. I would love to create a unique wine. And that would be really something totally different.

Q. Do you have special comfort food that you like to eat?

I come from Northern Germany, this is where I grew up and therefore I love fish and all fish dishes. And then there are special wines I like especially from the region here.  Riesling. Of course.

Q. If you were to have dinner with one or two famous people, living or dead, who would that be?

 Definitely, with Goethe. Yes he definitely is on the list. I mean, he is such a genius and he also grew up here in Frankfurt. And yes, he would be the one guest.

Q. If you were to send a message to our Siinda community, what would it be?

Yeah, I mean, we’re living in really, extremely challenging times and the most important thing is that you all stay healthy.