Lubos Cipera

Lubos Cipera

CEO of Mediatel

Luboš Čipera is the CEO of Mediatel in Czechia. Mediatel is one of the Czech Republic’s largest and most successful digital marketing agency providing services to both SME’s and Brands. Luboš has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing and technology.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. Do you have a hobby, or is there something that you do, that many people might not know about you?

My biggest hobby is music. I like to go with music.

I have a band with my friends and we have had it for 35 years.

I play guitar, I sing and play piano, and I always spend a lot of time on that. Normally I am quite busy with it, and we play a lot at places, concerts, companies, and more but in pandemic, we cannot play because the senate and President do not allow it. But I do still play privately, no performances. My music helped me to survive.

We play Rock! We also have our own music and also play this at concerts and some preferences. We play music from famous events. We usually select 2 or 3 songs from those events and mix the music.

Q. What’s the name of the band?

I don’t know the English translation it is called Čedič but it could be something like Basalt, does not make a lot of sense in English.

Q. If you could try another profession other than the one you have what would it be?

Well actually, my second hobby is cooking.

My dream would be to have some small hotel out of Prague somewhere, maybe in the mountains or in South Bohemia. I like those places, so I would pick them.

A small hotel with good cuisine and then maybe at night you could play in the bar and with the rock band.

Q. What was your first job, maybe even a non-desk job?

During my studies, I was working with my father, as the electrician. That was really hard, hard job.

I did it every summer to make some money, so that was my real job.

And although I can play electrician at home, my wife usually says otherwise.

Yeah, I can do that.

Q. Is there anything you started (hobby) or done differently since the lockdown?

Another hobby is saving small breweries, so I support them through supporting their beer.

But I also spend a lot of time with my kids, because I have seven-year-old twins and I finally had the chance to spend some time with them. We have been doing stuff in the garden at my house. So that was not a special Hobby it was really just an extension of my old hobby, doing things in the garden. The children were homeschooling so we had a lot of time.

Q. What is your favorite comfort food or if you are choosing the cuisine for your hotel what would be the kind of food that you would serve?

I really love meat, any kind of perfectly cooked meat. This is something I usually order at a restaurant and I really enjoy cooking meat.

Q. If there was one person in the world that you would like to have dinner, a famous personality, and share a perfect steak, who would that be?

Probably Bruce Springsteen.

I love his songs and band, and he’s one of my most favorite musicians, so I would probably pick him.

Q. If you had one message that you would like to deliver to your partners, your colleagues, and the people you haven’t seen for a while, what would that be?

Stay Positive in Attitude and Negative in Covid.