Lex ten Veen

Lex ten Veen

EVP Global Partnerships at Uberall

Lex ten Veen is a tech entrepreneur who joined Uberall upon the acquisition of Navads, in late 2018, a digital location management company founded by himself and 2 business partners, where he served as CEO until its acquisition. With 20+ years of experience in working and leading high growth (SaaS) technology companies, Lex currently serves as the EVP Global Partnerships at Uberall, where he manages a global team of business development professionals driving the successful expansion of Uberall around the world.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. Since the lockdown, do you have a routine or is there anything that you try to do every day?

I attempt to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. It doesn’t really matter what, it can be a run or even a walk, even a bit longer walks, but it is a form of break. It hopefully keeps me healthy, Now, that’s what keeps me healthy during the lockdown.

Q. Is there anything that you started during the pandemic, a hobby or something?

Well not actually new but I mostly further developed some of my existing hobbies.

I think if I would have started a new hobby, it would mean that I actually lost or spent 44 years without that hobby, so I tried to do further development on my existing ones.

Most of my hobbies are exercise related, have to do with working out. I’d love to box, and I got my 15-year-old son to join me, he has actually got the hang of it now.  I try to box with him once or twice a week and it is a lot of fun.

I am also quite interested in investing so the time we have had in the pandemic has given me a little more time to invest in that skill. 

But here in the Netherlands the gyms are closed so there is really not a lot more to do than boxing at home. 

Actually, there was one other still I was trying to develop before the pandemic and that is the sport of Padel. It’s a Spanish Racquet sport played on a court, it is really big and trending in the Netherlands, probably in many other countries as well. It is a really fun sport. But you have to play with four people, so that’s very restricted in terms of possibilities right now. But I hope in 2021 to get going again. I really like the game, it is a combination between tennis and squash, and I am looking forward to it. 

Q. What was one of the first jobs you ever had?

Um, well my very first job, when I was a teenager, was actually washing dishes in the restaurants and it was actually one of the restaurants my parents would take me to. 

I was a paperboy as well, I always tried to do a lot to make some money. 

Q. So as a teenager, when you had those jobs, what were you saving your money for?

That varied a lot. Indeed, it started with a stereo and then later on, to go on holidays with my friends. When I was 16 or 17, I started to go on holidays, without my parents. 

It was also mostly saving for things like my driver’s license, which cost a lot of money back then. So, I had multiple jobs to satisfy my needs. 

Q. How did you end up washing dishes?

Well, that’s actually a funny story. 

In the village where I grew up, there was this old windmill, quite Dutch, of course. It was revamped into a restaurant. So, it was really cozy and, obviously, all-round and there was an open kitchen with a cook. So as the dishwasher you were actually next to the cook. Because it was open, you would actually be really part of the restaurant. I always loved to engage with people, even though I was a dishwasher and of course I could not be a waiter because I was too young. So, I picked dishwashing. How I got there was because my parents were there for dinner occasionally and I really, really liked the atmosphere. It brings me really fond memories.

Q. Everybody has a favorite comfort food or favorite cuisine. What’s yours?

So, in terms of cuisine, I truly love Japanese as well as Italian cuisine.  But if I really had to choose one cuisine for the rest of my life, it would be Italian. I just love Italian food, not one dish particularly.  

I like its many ingredients, the way it’s cooked and prepared.  I also like that the Italians love kids, they are family oriented and it is very social.  I love having my food together with people dear to me. So, I think, in many respects, Italian cuisine would be my favorite.

Q. Do you cook?

I do like to cook, not regular cooking.  When I have time, I’d love to go to a market and buy everything fresh and prepare it. I could spend a whole day in the kitchen to prepare for my friends, my family, my brothers, cousins, etc.

Q. If you had a message for our Siinda members, partners, and colleagues, what would that be?

Well, I truly consider most of the partners as business friends, right? 

And I can truly say, I miss physically meeting each other, having a drink, and really engaging in person.

So, first of all, you know, during this time, you know, it’s December 22nd, is it 21st? I want to wish you all, first of all, very happy holidays. And I truly hope that in 2021 we will be the year in Berlin, where we can actually finally meet each other again. Until then, I would love to wish that you stay safe.