Jon Stribling

Jon Stribling

Head of Business Development EU and APAC for Ecwid

Jon is Head of Business Development EU and APAC for Ecwid, a global SaaS e-commerce platform used by small businesses in over 175 countries. He works with Ecwid’s enterprise partners helping them deliver innovative online store solutions to their SMB customers. With more than 15 years experience in senior leadership roles in digital and technology businesses, Jon has a deep understanding  of sales and marketing, and a passion for growing businesses of all sizes.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. So, John, we’ve known you from previous events and so on, but people would like to know if you’ve had some special daily routine.

And, you know, particularly during the COVID period working from home, it’s important to have a routine. I like to start the day with a walk through the Forest. I’m lucky enough to live near a fairly large forest so I walk through the forest or run If I can get the energy up and Then, you know the guy starts with coffee, you know calls. Get work done. Spend some time with the family and Calls and meetings with my colleagues in Europe and the in the evenings.

Q. And did you start any new hobbies during the pandemic?

So, like a lot of people, I started listening to a lot more podcasts, some business-related some, you know, not business-related, there are many podcasts like on Dolly Parton, which is probably a little embarrassing, but she’s an interesting woman, very talented. I built a chicken, coop, so that’s a house for chickens. So I did some interesting sort of building activities shall we say.

Q. You’ve worked on the digital sphere for quite some time but if we head back some years, more years ago what was your first non-desk job? 

Yeah, so I grew up on a farm, so, my first job was working in a shearing shed, sort of helping you get the shape into the shearing shed and sort of, you know, just getting shaped through the fields in the paddocks So. Very, very different.  But that was when I was quite young.

Q. If you could try a profession which would not be the one you have now, you know, did you have a dream profession you would have dreamt to do and couldn’t?

Yeah, look when I was sort of very, very young I was certain, I was going to be a pilot. 

So, then writer, so, no, haven’t written any novels but I have written a few blog posts and wrote a lot of very good e-mails. But, you know, clearly, clearly the pilot, it didn’t happen but I’m OK with that. 

Q. So, who is your favorite author and genre?

Look, I love American literature and these two American writers, I like a lot, one being Thomas Pynchon and the other being Don Delillo, Both, write, very, sort of interesting sort of crazy stuff about, you know, commentary about, you know, the world and America and they are very very interesting writers, I do read 

A lot of sort of business books as well.  And that the most recent book I really enjoyed reading was the book about Australian Birds. Which is called “Where Song Began”.  That’s all about, you know, all the world’s songbirds originated in Australia.  It’s a very different book, but it’s very interesting. 

Q. And, if you were to write an autobiography or if somebody was to write a biography of yourself, what do you think the title would be?

A very Australian term that, know, “A Good Bloke”, I hope. Just,  you know a good person, we have to be somewhat realistic in what we do in our space. 

We’re not saving the world in what we do. You know, we’re not rocket scientists or brain surgeons but we are doing really, really important stuff in terms of helping small businesses, sell online, be visible online, grow their businesses, and because of that, they can feed their families, they can educate them, their children. So it’s still important work. So “Good Guy”, “Clever Guy” or something like that. 

Q. Do you have favorite comfort food that you really like?

My favorite comfort, food, would be pizza. I think, you know, There’s nothing like a good Italian-made, wood fire pizza. You know, really, it’s the perfect food.

Q. Do you have a favorite music type, or are you listening to a lot of music, or is it much more podcasts related to business topics?

So, actually, I was listening to a lot of music that I listened to in the nineties. And so, a lot of techno and a lot of DJs and the sort of been in that space. So maybe a bit of trance, that’s, you know, it’s good, it keeps you focused. And yeah, there’s a whole bunch of people up and listening to Paul Kalkbrenner, Laurent Garnier, so, I’ve been enjoying it. 

Q. If you have one message you’d like to give to Siinda members and partners feel free, the floor is yours now.

 So, just so, you know, keep up the good work, be kind to local businesses, and sell more online.