Vendasta introduces end-to-end platform automations

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Vendasta is proud to launch new automations to its end-to-end ecommerce platform, allowing channel partners to quickly operationalize customer life cycle events and serve more of their small business clients, more effectively, and at scale.

Partners can build customized automated workflows with an easy-to-use interface, triggering specific activities. For example, a partner can automatically send a ‘welcome’ email campaign to a local business client, or a local business that interacts with a specific product in their Business App, which can then be captured as a ‘hot lead’ for a partner’s sales team.

“The Vendasta Platform is unique because it delivers the tools a local expert needs to build, deliver, market, sell, bill, and fulfill cloud solutions to local businesses—all under one roof,” said Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Cook. “This is what makes the introduction of automation so powerful. Platform interactions by both the partner and their local business customers can now activate intuitive and helpful responses, delivering immediate value and customized experiences.”

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