Spotzer launches Sales as a Service to all our partners

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The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour. It’s no surprise that one of the key takeaways from MIT Technology Review’s ‘Digital acceleration report’ is businesses that “invested in technology before the coronavirus pandemic made relatively smooth transitions to online commerce and remote work”. This is a topic covered in detail across publications you most likely already follow, whether it’s Forbes reporting on it, or Spotzer.

We all know this is especially felt by small businesses, most of whom are going through a forced digital transformation without having the expertise needed to succeed. Even in less turbulent times, many business owners reported not knowing the basics, such as; how Google’s search engine works. The level of knowledge drops further when you get into topics like selecting the right e-commerce platform or the benefits of first-party data. The lack of time and resources are amplified by the changes in government regulations. More than ever, SMBs need guidance from a trusted source.

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