Hurdles to SMB Tech Adoption by Vendasta

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This Vendasta report dives into analysis of users on the Vendasta platform to understand small and medium business activity patterns, preferences, and needs in their digital journey.

Despite the technological advancements, there remain several hurdles for SMBs in their digital journey. A policy guide from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) finds that the digital chasm between smaller local businesses (with 10-49 employees) and larger ones has grown over the past decade. That chasm is affecting our local economies. The report notes that digitization “is an important driver of productivity growth, and in turn wage growth, [contributing] to increased inequalities among people, places and firms.”

At Vendasta, our core purpose has always been to drive local economies. Vendasta serves more than 60,000 channel partners, who in turn have more than 5.5 million SMB users. As an all-in-one platform for companies that provide digital solutions to SMBs, we have observed small businesses struggle with similar challenges, especially financial and skill-related.


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