Ethias, Belgium’s leading insurer, launches TRUST my car, an innovative service to secure the purchase & sale of used cars between private parties

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Founded more than 100 years ago, Ethias is one of the largest insurance companies in Belgium which provides a complete range of home, travel, family, health and -of course- car insurances: in addition to third-party liability, limited casco (“mini-omnium”) and comprehensive casco (“full-omnium”), Ethias also provides legal aid insurances and roadside assistances.

At Ethias, innovation has long been the focus of the company’s culture and offering its customers innovative services and continuously improving them is an integral part of its DNA. On a day-to-day basis, this desire to innovate resulted in the many initiatives that anticipate customers’ needs in order to meet their highest expectations, particularly in the field of cars; the -fast-growing- used car market is characterized by the fact that around 40% of transactions are carried out directly between private individuals and unfortunately by the fact that this market is too often a nest of scams & problems: fake identities, fake certified cheques, fake banknotes, an advert that sounds too good to be true, and with 41% of used cars breaking down within a year of purchase, buying & selling used cars carries a variety of risks for the consumer.


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