By acquiring the mobile ordering and payment solution Pulp, Partoo aims to become the European leader in retail digitalization

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After raising €15 million in 2021, Partoo is accelerating its development with the acquisition of Pulp, the French leader in Click & Collect and a specialist in QR code ordering and payment. With this acquisition, Partoo diversifies its offer and takes a major step towards its goal of becoming the go-to digital tool for establishments by bringing businesses and retailers closer to their customers.


Partoo, the leader in online visibility and e-reputation, was based up until now upon two pillars: “get found” and “get chosen” on the Internet. With the Pulp solution, a third pillar has been added to this scheme: “get clients” on the Internet. The restaurant industry will be the first to benefit from this complete and unique offer on the market, before it is extended to other sectors.

Tibault Lévi-Martin, the co-founder and CEO of Partoo states: “Back in 2014, we at Partoo were convinced that platforms such as Google and Facebook would revolutionize the customer journey and the online shopping experience. After helping businesses better manage their online visibility and customer interactions on the platforms, we now want to help them accept orders and payments, by collaborating with Pulp.”


Pulp, the leader in online restaurant ordering

Founded in October 2019 by Arnaud de Rohden, Antoine Pham and Olivier Arbez, Pulp’s mission is to revolutionize the restaurant ordering experience.

The startup first made a name for itself by launching the first French click & collect platform, on which thousands of users order their takeout meals every day. Since then, the startup has been offering its click & collect solution as a white label.

Pulp’s Click & Collect app


Building on this success, Pulp is expanding its offer in 2021 to digitize ordering and payment at the table.

The operation is simple: after scanning the QR code on the table, the customer accesses the menu, places an order, and pays the bill directly from their phone: by credit card, restaurant voucher, Apple Pay or Google Pay. They can also split the bill or leave a tip, all without having to create an account or download an application.

A real ally for restaurant owners, Pulp saves a considerable amount of time for front-of-house staff, in a context of extremely complicated recruitment since the health crisis. Restaurant owners can increase their turnover, thanks to a better rotation of tables, and above all, an increase in the average basket.

Example of the interface when scanning a QR code at the table of a Pulp’s client restaurant


“Today, restaurateurs have to deal with a multitude of players, each specialized in a specific benefit, like Sunday with payment via QR Code. The problem is that this mix of tools is complicated for them to manage. That’s why at Pulp, we wanted to offer a complete solution, bringing together the entire customer journey both for take-away and eating in the restaurant – and now, thanks to Partoo, we will go even further with visibility and online interaction management”, explains Arnaud de Rohden, CEO and co-founder of Pulp.


Today, Pulp is:

  • in over 1,000 restaurants, with a user satisfaction rating of 4.9/5
  • including iconic restaurant groups such as Street Bangkok, Blend, PNY, Mister Garden, and the Bao Family
  • 600,000 users who have ordered or paid on Pulp, and the ambition to exceed 3 million customers by the end of 2022.


The ambition: to create the first all-in-one platform for merchants

Merchants no longer want to use multiple solutions to manage every aspect of their digitalization. No company has succeeded in becoming the single go-to solution for merchants and this is exactly where Partoo wants to position itself.

Initially, Partoo’s goal is to offer the most complete solution on the market for restaurant owners (online visibility, customer interactions, payment and orders). In the medium term, the ambition is to replicate this for other industries such as health or beauty.

It is also about going further on the payment and ordering part. Partoo wants to revolutionize the buying process and allow its customers to accept transactions:

  • On major tech platforms like Google Business Profile
  • Via instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Messages, Messenger
  • Directly by scanning a QR code


Internet users’ habits are evolving and it is necessary for merchants to adapt. There is a strong tendency to simplify the online ordering process: customers want to limit the number of clicks and stay in a single environment – that of platforms like Google or Facebook.

Example of an “Order” button directly on the Google Business Profile of the restaurant



Partoo’s key figures:

  • Creation of Partoo in 2014 by Thibault Lévi-Martin
  • 330 employees in March 2022
  • 4 offices worldwide: France, Spain/Italy (from Barcelona), Brazil and India.
  • Partoo’s 2021 ARR: €15 million (2025 target: €100 million)
  • 80-100% annual growth since the creation of Partoo
  • 600 key account customers, 250,000 points of sale including Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, BNP Paribas, Starbucks, Massimo Dutti, KFC, Volkswagen…


For more information, go to


Partoo : “Get found… online !

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