SIINDA members will provide you a view of your market potential by measuring the landscape of SME presence in your market. In cooperation with Silktide SIINDA will help you measure -

· Overall Benchmark Scoring

· Website Only Scoring

· Website Performance

o   Mobile and Desktop Speed

o   Mobile Optimization

o   Organic Referral and Keywords

o   SEO fundamentals and site structure

o   Content Freshness / Domain Age

o   e-commerce

o   SSL

o   CMS

· Use of Video

· Social Presence

o   Facebook

o   Instagram

o   Snapchat

o   Twitter

· Performance Marketing

o   Use of AdWords

o   Use of Google Display

SIINDA members, through the sponsorship of SIINDA, become a discount on this valuable market research which can be used for driving sales and targeting market segments.


Investments are based on the amount of data/URLS search and your SIINDA   MEMBERSHIP Level which determines the cost per data/URL. At this time Sole Traders operating under their personal names can currently not be included if you are located within the European Union.  The research abides by all GDPR rules and regulations. SIINDA does not receive the individual data but reserves the right to use consolidated for market comparisons.

An initial non-refundable deposit with be taken upon the initiation of the work.
The remainder of the investment is billed after the exact count of the data/URL’s 

Data Pieces/URLs                             Profiling,                           Info Graphic
                                                     Cleanse, Analyze                   sales material

Under 20,000                                        2500 €                                   500 €

20,001-50,000                                      3000 €                                   550 €

50,001-100,000                                    3500 €                                   650 €

100,001-200,000                                  4500 €                                   750 €

Membership Level Pricing Customer & URL Analyzation

1.    Complimentary                                                  No-Discount

2.    Basic/Individual Member                 2% discount customer/URL/data piece

3.    Bronze & Silver members                 5% discount per customer/URL/data piece

4.    Gold & Gold Group  members         10% discount per customer/URL/data piece