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– Time to sign up!Sign up now to be recognized by Siinda’s Digital Marketing and Innovation AwardsSiinda, one of Europe’s fastest growing non-profit media, digital, and voice associations, announces the Siinda Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards.

Siinda Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards

Siinda is happy to announce the Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards. Be recognized as one of the BEST! Siinda’s Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards are given to member companies that have achieved outstanding results with their products or services,have proved to be innovative, are customer oriented and have enhanced the user experience.

Siinda is pleased to introduce a new Digital Innovation category for non-members.To qualify, you must be a member of Siinda in good standing, the innovation, product, functionality, or service must have been created or updated in the last 18 months and be a live version of the product. Beta versions do not qualify. The product and service must be on the market before entering.


Products & Services that were submitted in 2019 and won Gold awards must have a significant product upgrade or change to quality again. Please note this on the application form and in the description.

You should submit a short video with your submission (not mandatory but recommended) which is no more than 60 seconds. The video should describe or show the product, explain why it is innovative and how it has had an impact. Videos longer than 60 seconds will not be accepted.

Categories for Siinda Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards

1.Vertical and Marketplaces: solutions with specific relevance to select industries or business type. Any new or changed business model, product, service or functionality within in the vertical online directory that either contributes to growth in a particular target market segment or opens a new market segment. Both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer markets are eligible.

2. Location Platforms: technologies, software or cloud-based solutions that help brands, agencies or media companies collect, analyze and/or take action on location data.

3. Mobile Products: any mobile product, mobile ads, mobile tools, integration with mobile apps and mobile targeting that helps to enhance the user experience and promotes transactions between users and advertisers.

4. Sales and Marketing Automation: solutions that automate the sales and marketing processes.

5. Attribution, Engagement and Analytics: innovative ways to create, target, traffic and measure advertising, leverage or drive engagement. Applications can include tools, platforms or platforms that contribute to any of the above.

6. Individual Siinda Contribution Award: Any person, who has contributed to the industry’s development, the development of Siinda as an association, by helping us move forward and be successful.
7. Lead Generation for SMEs: Innovative product or solution for SME engagement which helps SMEs generate leads and support the SME in the digital economy.
8. Online Branding: Online campaigns which either helped a SME promote their brand or campaigns which promote a member’s company making their brand known and promoting engagement in the digital world.
9. Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing campaigns that combine a minimum of two social media channels to help a SMEs reach new audiences and lift engagement OR a Member’s own social media campaign which proved to lift engagement and reach new potential audiences.

Appplication Siinda Digital Marketing And Innovation Awards

Please fill out and send to, if you wish to send additional materials by post please send to

Kimberli Lewis
Global Business Therapy s.r.o.
Prague Stock Exchange Building
Rybna 682/14
100 05 Prague
Czech Republic

Please proceed below for payment. Payment fee must accompany application in order to be considered.
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*Entries must be submitted by August 1, 2020

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Gotthardstrasse 55CH-8800 Thalwil, Switzerland

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