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Siinda Live Florence

Leveraging your business in the new digital world

After our first post pandemic conference in Berlin, Siinda is hosting its Fall 2022 event in Florence,  a follow-up on our 2021 Berlin and 2022 Mallorca conference themes.

Join us for 3 days in the beautiful city of Florence for thought leadership insights on digital trends and services, insights and keynotes on technology, economic and legal subjects at the heart of digital and breath-taking evening events with enhanced networking possibilities!

Key topics of discussion

Exploring SMBs New Digital Presence

Service and Customer Personaliszation Trends

Discovering Digital and Technology Trends

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Plenary room of Florence

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Evening events


Welcome Cocktail Negroni

October 16, 2022, 18.00

Although the origin of this famous cocktail is quite debated as to which Negroni ancestor originally founded it, Pascal Negroni in the late 1800s, or his later decent Conte Camillo Negroni, it is believed the current version stems from Conte Camillo Negroni. The story is that he asked his friend and bartender Folco Scarselli to change the cocktail he used to drink at Caffè Casoni and make it a little stronger by adding some gin to the original Campari and Red Sweet Vermouth. It’s from this random and simple request that the Negroni Cocktail we know today was born! People started to appreciate the new blend and asked for a cocktail “alla maniera del Conte Negroni” (following Conte Negroni’s manner). Today it is the official cocktail of Florence, and we are going to open the Siinda Live Florence in the traditional way Florentines would do a Welcome Cocktail!

Mediterraneo lobby

View of Florence
Dinner and Networking Evening

October 17, 2022 at La Loggia 19:30.

The history of the Loggia begins more than 150 years ago, when in 1865 the engineer Giuseppe Poggi was put in charge of embellishing Florence for the arrival of the government and the Piedmontese “Royal family and bureaucrats that lower the reluctance of the banks of the Arno to manage from here Italy reunited under a unique reign.”
Part of the ancient walls were destroyed to make room for roads that surrounded the center of the city and that are still present today; climb up the Viale dei Colli reaching the natural terrace overlooking Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo. Loggia sits with a wonderful view of not only Piazzale Michelangelo, but a breathtaking view of Florence. Not many locations in the city can provide us with such a spectacular dining and networking experience.

sunset restaurant
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A Step back in Time
A Gala Evening in the Florentine Style

October 18, 2022 at Palazzo Ximenes, 20:30

Join us for a Florentine evening at the exquisite Palazzo Ximenes Palace, built by the famous brothers Giuliano and Antonio Giamberti, later called "da Sangallo". The brothers bought the parcel of land, upon which this palace stands, in 1497 from the Cistercian monks of the present Santa Maria Maddalena de 'Pazzi. Their intention was to build one of the most admired Palaces in Florence. The brothers brought in infinite number of beautiful ancient marble statues as well as paintings by famous artists such as Sandro Botticelli and Antonio del Pollaiolo to decorate their home. The palace had such historic value that in 1796, Napoleon, with the French minister Miot, visited and stayed at the palace during their trip to Florence. It’s incredible interior and gardens will transport us back in time in the city that is considered by many academics to have been the birthplace of the Renaissance, becoming a major artistic, cultural, commercial, political, economic, and financial center.

Palazzo Ximenes decor

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Siinda Live Florence

From : 16/10/2022, 09:00 am

Until : 19/10/2022, 11:00 pm

Venue :

Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
Lungarno del Tempio, 44
50121 Firenze FI

Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
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