João de Sousa Aroso

João de Sousa Aroso

Advertio / Co-Founder & CEO

In 2009, João created his first company: 2easyweb, making it profitable and growing by over 100% YoY consistently. As a result, he acquired, designed and implemented a turnaround in the Portuguese Yellow Pages. In 2014 headed the product team driving +30% YoY growth in the digital products. In mid-2015 , he sold all the equity in the above mentioned companies to his co-founder and to a private equity firm. Since mid-2017 João has been working at advertio, where he is leading a group of extremely talented people aiming to revolutionise the digital advertisement market, through the application of quantitative modeling and data analytics in digital advertising.



Advertio was born out of the desire to help other companies acquire more customers. We believe that the digital advertising market is falling short in helping companies secure a satisfactory return on their advertising investment. The intersection between creativity and technology allows for significant improvement in the status quo.