Messages – The Future of Conversational Commerce

Following the Partoo presentation at the Siinda event in Florence, we will be hosting a webinar on 8 December, focusing on Business Messages, the unmissbale opportunity for all SMB businesses. In this webinar Rahul Chahun, Head of International Partnerships, and Lucas Genter, Head of Partner Success will discuss the below topics: Everything you need to […]

EU 2022 overview and 2023 trends

2022 has been a very rich year for EU policies in digital, with the adoption of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, the conclusion of the Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive, the Data Governance Act, the AI draft initiative and many more. In this webinar , Stephanie Verilhac, EU Affairs Director at Siinda, […]

How to scale social management

Adding social media products to your marketing and presence mix is key and can really expand your growth. In this session, Gabriele Petrone , CMO Spotzer Digital, and Koen Tuijnman explain you what to do. Free registration here :

Using APIs to Drive Growth & Efficiency

MatchCraft’s Jeff Chew, General Manager and Clémence Sabatier, Director of Business Development present case studies on how strategic and tactical use of APIs can support transformation. This in-depth look at some of MatchCraft’s own partners will explore both front end and back end process transformation enabled by APIs. Register here to join them on Sept […]

Improving Sales Efficiency for Profitability through Digital Transformation

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The key to providing an incredible customer experience is understanding your customer. Each step on the customer journey is an opportunity for you to provide value so you can keep and grow the customers you worked so hard to get. Improving sales efficiency is the key to growth, and a key driver of profitability. This […]

No Business is too small for Digital Marketing

Jon Martinsen presents his recently published book „No Business is too small for Digital Marketing. Everything you need to know to grow your business.“ and explains why it is not only a guide for SMBs, but part of a large-scale marketing project to position FCR Media as a leader in digital marketing. September 1st, 2022; […]

How to resolve the data privacy needs of SMBs at scale

In May, we celebrated the fourth anniversary of the GDPR. Since its enforcement began in 2018 the legal landscape regarding privacy has become ever more complex.  More and more countries outside the European Union have and will continue to adopt data privacy regulations. For small and medium-size businesses focused on growth, this can create many […]

The game-changing impact of brand & competitor monitoring for SMBs

Products that drive customer engagement and success are the most valuable Up- and Cross sells you can offer. Learn how to cleverly integrate the award winning brand & competitor monitoring tool, marketingRadar, in order to boost customer awareness, generate activity to your control panel and drive new sales opportunities to additional Digital Marketing products. Join […]

The API Economy: Crafting user-focused experiences with APIs

As consumer behavior continues to shift toward DIY (Do it Yourself) and DIWM (Do It With Me) the ability to innovate and integrate at a rapid pace is a critical component of success. The key to that success lies in utilizing API technology either built in-house or acquired through partnerships. Join MatchCraft’s Director of Marketing […]