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How to resolve the data privacy needs of SMBs at scale

In May, we celebrated the fourth anniversary of the GDPR. Since its enforcement began in

Berlin, Germany

Siinda Live Berlin

It’s time to bring people together again We are headed back to one of the

Supporting your Sales Teams with great tooling to sell Online Ads

Register here for this webinar with Gabriele Petrone , CPSO and Bertram Croes , Senior

The game-changing impact of brand & competitor monitoring for SMBs

Products that drive customer engagement and success are the most valuable Up- and Cross sells

The API Economy: Crafting user-focused experiences with APIs

As consumer behavior continues to shift toward DIY (Do it Yourself) and DIWM (Do It

How to help your customers become local SEO Experts

In this webinar, we will discuss how to build a digital ecosystem for your merchants

An Expert Guide to E-A-T for SEO and Ranking in Today’s Landscape

Does your website reflect your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)? What does that even mean?

How to attract & retain customers in a privacy driven environment

Join us with this new Thought Leadership Thursday webinar on consent management, why it’s important

Florence, Italy

Siinda Live Florence

Managing futureproof companies in digital What counts now is not only your EBIDTA, your KPIs

German New Digital Laws and major EU digital issues for 2022

With effect from December 1st, 2021, two laws came into force in Germany that define

Customer Validation -The Key to Start-up Success and Company Growth

The number one factor for driving growth in your company, startup or product line is,

Regulatory updates on e-privacy, AI and Digital Policies

Digital services and platforms are everywhere and enhancing digital presence is a must for all