Vilborg Helga Hardardottir

Vilborg Helga Hardardottir

CEO at Ja

Vilborg Helga Harðardóttir has been the CEO of Já hf. since February 2019. Já hf. e.g. runs one of Iceland‘s most used websites, Já.is, with local information on individuals and businesses, products available in Icelandic online stores as well as geographical information on Iceland. Prior to taking on the role of a CEO Vilborg had a total of 13 years work experience within Já hf. and companies within the group, taking on different roles ranging from business managment, quality control, being deputy director of Gallup in Iceland to COO of Já hf. Vilborg also has an experience from working in the financial sector, being a part of Straumur Burðarás‘ treasury department from 2006 to 2010. Vilborg has a BA degree in Pshychology from the University of Iceland and an MBA degree from Reykjavík University.


JA Upplysingaveitur EHR

Já.is is one of many other Medias that Já operates to provide information. You can see our product line by selecting Product line in the right side menu. Já was founded in 2005 to combine the operation of 118 and the Telephone directory. The Telephone directory has been published for over a 100 years. It is safe to say that the company is built on a solid foundation even though the focus is now on various developments connected to changes in the way people interact with new technology.