George Leith

George Leith

Chief Customer Officer, EVP of Sales at Vendasta

George Leith is the Chief Customer Officer, EVP of Sales for Vendasta, an award-winning platform that helps agencies and media companies sell digital marketing solutions to businesses. With a track. record of success in media promotion and marketing that spans three decades, he is driven to show the world that businesses can transform their sales and marketing in the digital era. George is a visionary that gets results. Doubling revenue year-over-year and optimizing revenue growth models, George leads marketing and sales strategies through to impeccable execution. He is the leading trainer in the digital marketing space and has pioneered a vision that gives media companies and agencies the tools that allow their SMB clients to survive and thrive. George knows that selling digital to local businesses isn’t easy. Prospecting is a chore, educating SMBs on the value of digital is an uphill battle, and scaling can seem like a complex math equation. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people across North Americas in conferences and through seminars, helping businesses overcome these difficulties. His dedication to educating others about digital marketing and sales solutions led him to launch Conquer Local. The podcast is the accessible landing point for George’s wealth of sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise. For more information on Conquer Local and to book George for your next event, contact Farrah Dzik at For media requests, contact Dani Mario at



At Vendasta, our core purpose is to drive local economies by democratizing technology for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We accomplish this by providing a robust platform to local experts around the world—our channel partners. Partners use Vendasta’s technology to market, sell, bill, fulfill, and deliver digital solutions to their SMB clients. Our end-to-end platform and marketplace are tightly integrated into an operating system delivered to SMBs, providing a single sign-on to their digital products and analytics. Vendasta serves 60,000+ channel partners, who in turn work with more than five million SMBs worldwide.