Eirini Panzari

Eirini Panzari

director of Strategy and Marketing at Xo.gr

As director of Strategy and Marketing at Xo.gr in Greece, Eirini is Driving the product and operational digitalization of the company, both B2C and B2B, with the goal of making xo.gr the main tool for users to retrieve rich business information for SMEs and Chryssos Odigos, the largest full-service digital agency in Greece serving over 17.000 customers in their digital needs. She is managing a team of 50 pertaining to the following departments: Digital services production team (xo.gr listing design, Web design, copywriting and Development, PPC (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Criteo, PPN) campaign management Lead generation & Marketing Business Analysis B2C Product team (Web design, UX, Content) CRM & Quality Control Team Eirini is also a guest lecturer and guest executive trainer on freelance digital communications and training programs and in Google Adwords management.


Xrysos Odigos

Xrysos Odigos is the most effective platform for Advertising and Promotion to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and the most reliable source of providing information in the Greek market. Xrysos Odigos offers the most accurate business information to households and businesses.