Yazamiyot was established in 2010 by Hilla Ovil Brenner, and it’s the leading community for Israeli women entrepreneurs. The community has over 7,000 members, supporting each other in various activities.

Today, there are relatively a small number of women entrepreneurs.
Our vision is to dramatically increase the presence of women entrepreneurs in the Hi-Tech and Bio-tech industries in the next few years.

We are dedicated supporting our community’s entrepreneurs in every step of their startup, by providing them with essential tools, mentoring, networking and knowledge they require to accelerate and advance their ventures into enhanced products and companies.

Yazamiyot cooperates with Google TLV to craft the extraordinary project of “Google Campus for Moms” ,proved to be extremely successful and spread worldwide, accelerated entrepreneurs program for women with Microsoft Accelerator, Rise – Barclays innovation program, WIX, US embassy, etc.

Yazamiyot has a monthly meetup with experts, professional workshops, an active Facebook group, and enjoys positive press coverage.