Mono Solutions

Mono, in cooperation with some of the biggest digital services providers in the world, has been supplying premium, high-quality white-label website building solutions to small and medium sized businesses since 2007 – and all at a competitive price. The powerful Mono Platform has been built for our partners to quickly fulfil websites at scale, while providing SMEs the quality web design and performance they need and deserve.    The innovative Mono platform is continuously adapted to improve fulfilment times, performance, and design functionality. With Mono, you have the technology and the solutions you need to build best-in-class websites at scale.   In 2022, Mono became part of the Ten Oaks Group to further expand and grow Mono’s service offerings.     If you are a part of an organization delivering quality web design, development, and digital marketing solutions to SMBs, then the Mono Platform is for you. We offer multisite account management, efficient website development, and add-on products and features to sell and build websites at scale.