Voice of the Customer: Restaurant Lekka – Be happy without sugar, gluten and grain

To make people happy was the goal of Jessica Klossas and Marc Brein, when they opened their restaurant Lekka in Bottrop in 2017. And it was supposed not to be just another restaurant, but to become a gourmet paradise for everybody who wants to enjoy great tasting food and to stay healthy. Jessica and Marc obviously had their fingers on the pulse because soon they not only served delicious dishes at 15 tables in their restaurant, but added products to enjoy at home like homemade teas, bake mixes and cookbooks.

COVID-19 brought a full-stop to Jessica´s and Marc´s high-flying plans. The restaurant had to be closed, and revenue decreased by almost 95%. But giving-up was not an option for the young entrepreneurs. Very quickly they focused on a delivery and collection service. A new snack-card was developed and a „cake-taxi“ brought everything to hungry customers.

Sutter LOCAL MEDIA, Lekka´s marketing partner from the very beginning, supported them with the free-of-charge shopping app Bestell-Lokal.de. This very easy to use the service was extremely well received by their guests. All orders, even those arriving at 3 a.m., could be processed fast thanks to the fully automated ordering process via channel sale.

Watch the interview here in German.

Facebook was and still is their main marketing channel. Sutter LOCAL MEDIA conducts Lekka´s Facebook campaigns and constantly develops new ideas how to reach existing and potential customers via social media. Additionally Jessica and Marc try to place postings at least twice a week to increase their presence and to awaken readers´appetite for their cakes, sweets or homemade specialities.

Next steps? It is Jessica´s und Marc´s firm belief they have to continue focussing on delivery and collection service. Therefore they are currently evaluating e-Commerce and building their own web-shop. And they have an advice for companies also suffering from COVID-19 lock-downs: Don´t complain, analyze the problems, quickly adapt to new circumstances and – first of all –  never give up!

And besides – if you have a location which could be home of the next Lekka, just get in touch with them!

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