The game-changing impact of brand & competitor monitoring for SMBs

Imagine a world where digital marketing is so simple, that any small business owner can effortlessly manage their client acquisition and brand, without needing an agency to take care of the process.

Imagine a world where anyone can understand and manage digital marketing, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Here is the good news: you don’t need to imagine anything! The easy Digital Marketing process is a real thing. You just need to know where to look for it. 

From raising brand awareness and visibility to engaging with existing and new customers and maintaining them loyal to your brand, marketingRadar is the key to taking brand and competitor monitoring for SMBs to the next level, making it easier for your sales team to do what they do best: sell your products.

The easy way to improve a brand

The latest innovation of rankingCoach, marketingRadar, is an AI driven digital sales automation force that combines all relevant aspects of digital marketing in one product: local listings, brand monitoring, reputation management, social media, SEO and SEA. It has proved to increase awareness, engagement and sales by 1000%, having already conquered the Hosting Industry in 2021. As a result of its success, marketingRadar has recently generated more customer contacts and massive sales potential for a fraction of the usual costs, making it truly affordable and effective.

Now it has a new version, tailored to meet all publisher’s needs, with reduced complexity, clear guidance and a high degree of automation. 


Find out how marketingRadar works

marketingRadar displays a news feed containing every relevant online action that impacts businesses, empowering your sales team to provide a high degree of marketing automation that maximizes sales potential. Among the relevant online actions, we include Google rankings, reviews, mentions, competitors’ activity, and much more. 

Through customized market intelligence, marketingRadar allows your users to identify easier how people feel about their brand, giving them real-time messages about what’s being said about their business. Some examples of the messages are: 

“We found a competitor running ads on your keywords”

“Your competitor is getting ahead on Google”

“You’ve just got a new 2 star review”

“This is how your keywords are performing”


It’s critical for your users to be aware of anything going on around their business in real-time. In this way, they will be able to solve any issue that could arise before it gets out of control and affects their entire online reputation.


marketingRadar stimulates awareness and engagement, empowering and boosting sales

The right trigger at the right moment will determine your customers to reach out to your sales team. For example, if a user receives a message that says “Your competitor is targeting your brand in their ads”, he will be triggered to reach out to them asking for support, and even if he doesn’t do so, the sales team will know exactly when to contact them and offer solutions to their problems.

As for your customers, marketingRadar is a great tool that easily gets them through the process of understanding their customers’ opinions, thoughts and concerns, as well as helping them keep a watchful eye on competitors, to see where they stand against them and understand what to do to get one step ahead.

Remaining updated on how their business is perceived online helps them make better marketing decisions and build enjoyable campaigns. The more they monitor their business, the more traffic, customers, and knowledge they get.

P.S: Global leading publishers like HEISE have already joined rankingCoach in the middle of 2021. They are currently using marketingRadar to increase customer contact with their sales/service.

About rankingCoach

rankingCoach is a DIY digital marketing suite that enables SMBs to be successful online – even without a large marketing budget or expertise in digital marketing. rankingCoach offers a variety of resellable marketing solutions covering SEO, listings, brand monitoring, Google Ads, and social media marketing. rankingCoach is now available in 32 countries and 14 languages. Founded in 2014 by Daniel Wette, Marius Gerdan, and Thomas Meierkord, the company’s headquarters are in Cologne, Germany with multiple locations across Europe. rankingCoach’s award-winning software solutions are integrated into the services of numerous well-known web hosting providers, publishers, CMS’, telecommunication providers, as well as MarTech companies. Learn more about the company at

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