Siinda & Usercentrics Market Research on Data Protection Survey 2022

Besides avoiding huge fines, compliance with GDPR can also be a competitive advantage to those companies working according to the rules.  Consumer and users are becoming more and more aware and diligent about how their data is used and shared and are also much more sensitive to consent management and accountability.

In order to understand how SMBs are coping with the challenges of data protection and related issues for small businesses, Siinda and Usercentrics initiated in 2021 a research which surveyed companies in Germany, France, and the UK. The major findings of the 2021 survey were that many small businesses were aware of the importance of data protection but there was still some room on the implementation part especially on consent management and related platforms.

This year, Siinda and Usercentrics decided to replicate the survey using some similar questions but also adding a few more in order to see which trends were on, if the situation improved and what were the major conclusions and opportunities to be seen.

Market reserach Siinda & Usercentrics Final 2022

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