Introducing Siinda’s “The Voice of the Customer” in partnership with Mono Solutions

Everyone is experiencing the coronavirus pandemic differently.  From Italy to Sweden, from the UK to Spain and across the Atlantic to the United States, small businesses are navigating shutdowns, lockdowns, and dwindling foot traffic. Some companies are moving all the operations they can online, and others are maximising their already robust presence. But common to all is the question of “what happens now?”

As Siinda represents many hundreds of digital agencies and resellers across Europe, we felt it was important to hear directly from Small Businesses in the lead up to our Virtual LocalComm event starting May 25th and 26th and running one day a week through the end of June.

This project, called “The Voice of the Customer,” is made in partnership with Mono Solutions. The goal is to let small businesses in a variety of sectors and across multiple countries tell their own stories about how they are managing their customer relationships and how digital marketing is playing a role.

We reached out to several different businesses and interviewed them on camera to ask them three basic questions “what was your digital marketing before the pandemic? What are you doing now? and what do you think you will be doing in the future?”

As you can imagine, we had a wide variety of responses, and each one had their own story to tell about the challenges they are facing.  While not all the discussion focused on digital marketing, we thought it was important to let the business owners tell their stories because it informs us about what is important to them.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting short blog posts and the full video interviews with small businesses around Europe and the United States.  The goal is to gain some insights into how our member’s potential customers are facing up to the challenges and how they see the future unfolding.

The first rule of sales is to listen to the customer.  And so we are putting their stories as a prelude to our SIINDA Virtual LocalComm 2020.

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